Schema 4 handmade earrings it’s the fourth of the five different schemata.

What do five different shapes [SCHEMATA] declare? What do they express? Definitely different things. A smile, a heart, an arrow, a dash, an hourglass, half-moon, eight, infinity. Each time you wear jewelry from schemata collection name them after the mood that expresses you. Give them a symbolic character. Combine them and create a dialogue between them.

Made with the following materials: black paper for the base, acrylic paint and silver 925. Varnish and liquid glass (both sides) protection from water and sun.

Dimensions: 1,8 cm x 2,7 cm x 0,2 cm

To order the color (light blue, light pink, light green, light yellow, light purple, blue) of the earrings you want, write it in the “order notes” at the end of your order.

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Manufactured by Stavroula Kavalierou. Keep your jewelry safe in its box. If it gets wet, wipe it and avoid spraying your cologne directly on the jewelry. The preparation of the jewellery takes 2-5 working days.